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7.6% More Canadians Visited Mexico in 2009

12 September, 2012

Despite a difficult year with health scares and the global crisis,7.6% more Canadians visited Mexico in 2009 than 2008,according to statistics announced at a Mexican tourism fair in Acapulco,last week.

As the Canadian dollar continued to gain strength,some 1.2 million Canadians visited Mexico last year.

Brad Miron,Vice President of Business Development at Canadian travel agency, Itravel2000,said Mexico was a more affordabe vacation destination for Canadians compared to other places in the Caribbean.

Last year,Mexico was also voted the top overseas destination for Canadians,in a survey released by international credit card network,Visa Inc.

And the trend is set to continue,with research by the Canadian Tourism Commission suggesting 32 percent of Canadians will visit Mexico over the next five years.

Miron said that concerns about drug violence in Mexico have not deterred Canadians from visiting,since they have a clear understanding of the geography involved,and realize that the problems are in isolated areas,many hundred or thousands of miles from the tourist zones.

5 years ago,the Canadian dollar was worth around 8.7 Mexican pesos. Today it stands at about 12.2,a staggering increase which makes Mexico some 30% cheaper for Canadians now,than it was then.

This extra buying power has also led to Canadians buying more Mexico real estate. 

Many that have visited on vacation fall in love with the warm climate,friendly people and beautiful beaches,and decide to invest in property on Mexico's Caribbean or Pacific coastlines.