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$158 Million Investment In Mexican Infrastructure

12 September, 2012

Mexico's government continues to invest heavily in roads and other
infrastructure,to the benefit of businesses,tourism and real

The current $158 million program of development by the Secretary
for Communications and Transport includes 125 major highway works,30 of which
are already completed in the areas of Aguascalientes,Baja California,Chiapas,
Chihuahua,Durango,Guanajuato,México,Nuevo León,Oaxaca,Quintana Roo,San
Luis Potosí,Sinaloa,Sonora,Tabasco and Yucatán.

Improvements have been
particularly noticeable in Quintana Roo,where a massive investment has been
made to improve the highway from Cancun to Chetumal. New bridges through Playa
del Carmen and along the rest of the Riviera Maya will allow traffic to move
faster through built-up areas,this could cut the journey time from Cancun airport to Tulum by as much an hour
on some days.

The other big public spend having a positive effect on
Riviera Maya real estate is the new international Tulum airport,its construction will be put
out to tender this November according to government sources.

Despite the
international economic squeeze cutting the government's infrastructure budget
they have still pushed through an impressive package of improvements,focussing
on the major routes and tourism areas in order to boost local economies and real
estate markets too.

As Mexico plows on with its infrastructure
development program more and more are employed and Mexico's construction
companies tendering for the work are also expanding rapidly.

One thing is
for sure,in the longer term this public investment will have a positive effect
on the economy and Mexico real estate prices.