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A Journey Into Paradise

Nuevo Vallarta

13 September, 2012

On the Pacific coast of Mexico, located just west of Guadalajara and nestled in the Bay of Bandaras, lies the resort town of Nuevo Vallarta. Just 10 minutes away from the international airport at Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta is one of Mexico’s premier tourist and residential real estate developments. With over 8 kilometers of river and estuary frontage, winding canals offer ocean access to sumptuous villas, condos and numerous investment properties.

The climate in this part of Mexico is superb. Typical temperatures from February to June are between 25 and 30 degrees with no rain. July to September is very warm, with only a little rain that serves to refresh the day. In the heart of winter (December and January), he temperature can drop to 15 degrees. In addition, the water is very shallow for up to 300 meters from the shore, and is therefore quite warm, which allows for the many available water activities,which often last all day, every day.

Top attractions include whale-watching tours, internationally acclaimed golf courses, and miles of spectacular white sandy beaches. Although the town is very new, history buffs can still experience the unique attraction of the native Huichol tribe, which still exists.  These native inhabitants have been able to maintain their culture for over 500 years, affording tourists and locals alike a glimpse into the ancient past. For adventurous hikers, the Sierra Madre Mountains provide picturesque views of both the town and Bandaras Bay. In the ocean, visitors can swim with dolphins, observe huge sea turtles or just frolic in the surf.

Nuevo Vallarta attracts thousands of international sport fishermen every year to championship tournaments that are held in the area. In addition,the University of the Arts, which is located in nearby Puerto Vallarta, is famous for its dance and ballet instruction, and visitors can observe many terrific performances from rising stars. Also of note, the Nuevo Vallarta Marina Zone includes many unique
shopping experiences from simple souvenirs to ancient Mexican art, and thereare more than 300 slips available for passenger vessels to come ashore, which allows travelers to come ashore and explore the luxury of the mainland after a long sea voyage.

Astounding beachfront real estate can also be found for a price.  When the rules governing foreign ownership of real estate changed more than 10 years ago to allow foreign investment,it touched off a spark that has led to the boom that is still continuing to this day. If you are willing to be just a kilometer or two away from the beach,very reasonable vacation homes and properties are still available. Investment properties along the beach include luxury villas and condos,resort hotels and spas, retail shopping, and a wide variety of unique restaurants. In short: The Mexican real estate market in this area is vibrant and loaded with excellent properties.

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