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17 August, 2017

Getting Smart With: Real Estate Investing Instead of Stocks

Real estate investing is often (erroneously) believed to deliver a return on investment that falls somewhere between stocks and bonds when volatility is also factored in. What the typical investment advisor probably won’t tell investors, however, is that when inflation is also factored into the mix, real estate investing outperforms stocks over time, every time.

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03 August, 2017

Beginners Guide: Vacation Home Rentals as Income Producing Investments

The last 50 years or so has seen the American Dream take on new proportions, with many families opting to add a vacation home to their real estate investment portfolio. From lakeside cottages to mountain cabins to beachfront real estate in popular tropical destinations, the possibilities are virtually endless thanks to advances in technology and innovative “No Worries No Hassles Ownership” options that take the guesswork out of vacation home rentals no matter where in the world they are located.

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25 July, 2017

Top 4 Real Estate Investing Tips for Buying Turnkey Vacation Rentals

Buying vacation properties to rent out as income-producing investments is nothing new, but today’s innovative new turnkey vacation rentals are taking the concept to another level by offering unbeatable return on investment and stress-free ownership in some of the world’s best destinations. Here are our top four real estate investing tips for buying turnkey vacation rentals that will deliver ongoing investment income, as well as provide a backdrop for the best winter vacations and summer getaways your friends and family can imagine!

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22 July, 2017

Whether it’s your first time investing in real estate, or your 100th, every real estate investment has a learning curve and it’s never too soon (or too late) to review some of the biggest mistakes associated with buying real estate. From financing errors to underestimating the cost of maintenance and investing money based on emotions instead of logic, here are five common mistakes people make investing in real estate: 

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13 July, 2017

4 Real Estate Investing Tips to Save Time and Make More Money

Although real estate investing can be a very lucrative alternative to investing money in traditional avenues like the stock market, it can also be very time consuming and challenging to do successfully on your own. Investment properties should theoretically be able to generate enough income to cover the mortgage (if you have one) and also turn a profit with little or no effort, but any honest property manager will tell you that isn’t always the case. 

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08 July, 2017

3 Real Estate Investing Strategies Every Buyer Should Know

If you ask someone who’s been successful investing in real estate what really matters, chances are good that at least one of the following topics will come up in the conversation. Understanding these real estate investing strategies is key to long-term investment success, regardless of where you choose to buy or what type of property it is.

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