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19 April, 2018

Investment Guru Says Stock Market Volatility Will Cause 30% Correction

In recent months stock market volatility has proven once again that stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not the safest investments out there, especially if you’re trying to save for retirement or – heaven forbid – are already depending on the returns for retirement income. Now, respected investment guru and fund manager Mark Mobius has joined the ranks of those warning that a major correction is coming.

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14 April, 2018

Why Investors are Buying Real Estate in Riviera Maya, Mexico

With tourism numbers on the rise and demand outpacing supply, there has never been a better time than right now to start real estate investing in Mexico’s Riviera Maya! This magical region spans more than 80 miles along the Mexican Caribbean coast, and lies just south of the Cancun International Airport, offering easy access and modern infrastructure for millions of annual visitors from around the world.

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12 April, 2018

4 Reasons Tulum Real Estate Investment is Safer Than the Stock Market

With the skyrocketing popularity of Tulum real estate over the last decade has come a new wave of innovative investment properties that are designed to provide stable, ongoing ROI and serve as an attractive alternative to ongoing stock market volatility. If you’re looking for a safe investment that offers great returns, portfolio diversification and stable, tax-deferred income, read on!

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29 March, 2018

Over the last few weeks, the roller coaster of stock market volatility has been on full display, with markets in the U.S. and around the world bouncing around and the Dow dropping 345 points on Tuesday as tech stocks got crushed again. What’s more, respected economist Steen Jakobsen from Saxo Bank is warning the market could see as much as a 30 percent correction in coming months, since consumer spending is “maxed out,” making alternative investments like real estate more attractive than ever as investors choose stability and income over gambling on market whims.

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24 March, 2018

Smart Tips for Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Investment

Investing in property abroad can be intimidating if you’ve never done it, so many would-be buyers miss out on the incredible opportunities presented by alternative investments like Playa del Carmen real estate. We hope these smart tips for buying investment properties in Playa will give you a better understanding of how to buy property abroad and will help you find the right investment property for your needs. 

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20 March, 2018

5 Reasons to Invest in Playa del Carmen Real Estate Presale Offers

Did you know that investing in Playa del Carmen real estate pre-sale investment properties offers the chance to reap significantly higher return on investment much faster than buying property after construction is completed? Let us show you why opting to buy properties in pre-sale is a great way to get incredible value and lock in high profits from rapid appreciation once the development is completed.  

Here are five of the best reasons to invest in pre-sale condos in Playa del Carmen!

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